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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

What is Sexual Harassment?
Sexual harassment is an illegal act that constitutes unwanted conduct of a sexual nature.Sexual harassment can take on a physical, emotional, or verbal form. Typically these actions take place in school, a work environment, or elsewhere.

The legal definition of sexual harassment has expanded and includes all actions that precipitate some form of harm in a sexual manner to a party. The act is offensive and can include unwelcomed comments about a person’s physical characteristics, inappropriate sexually-charged language when talking to another individual or party, the discussion or speculation of the sexual orientation of another person, any unwelcomed solicitations for dates or intercourse, any form of physical contact that makes another person uncomfortable, any displays or deliveries of material of a sexual nature, including inappropriate pictures or videos, and any punitive behaviors designed to humiliate or punish a worker or individual who finds any approach of a sexual nature unwelcomed.
The defining characteristic of sexual harassment is the delivery of any unwelcomed sexual conduct.
Legal Implications of Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment, as stated before, can take the form of any unwanted physical, emotional, or verbal maneuver that is sexual in nature. Typically instances of sexual harassment take place in the work environment and are dealt with internally in the form of termination or discipline. In a legal sense, the punishments and court proceedings will vary based on the circumstances. If you are a victim of sexual harassment you should immediately contact a police agency to file a civil or criminal suit (depending on the inclusion of physical harm) against the harasser.

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