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The crimes that consider a person a felon are appropriately classified by the United States Federal Legal Code as felonies. A felony carries a mandatory prison sentence as its most basic or minor form of punishment. Such wrongdoings are held separately from misdemeanors or petty crimes that often deal with minor infractions associated with finances or property.

A felony is a wrongdoing that is serious nature and often enshrouded in violence or the act of inflicting physical harm on an individual. All felonies are overheard by court systems through the interpretation of criminal law. This is held in contrast to misdemeanors which are administered through civil law trials.

As a result of the dangers and seriousness associated with the violations, a person will be considered a felon if he or she has previously been convicted of a felony crime. Examples of felonies include the following wrongdoings: all forms of murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, extortion, embezzlement, grand theft auto, rape, and arson. This list, which is a sample of felonies, details the actions that an individual must be found guilty of to be considered a felon.

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