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Can I Apply for a Job with a Criminal Record?

Can I Apply For A Job With A Criminal Record

When an individual acquires a criminal record, he/she may experience difficulty obtaining employment. When obtaining a job application, an individual will inevitably wonder, "can I apply with a criminal record?” It is important to note that a criminal record does not prohibit an individual from completing and submitting a job application. An individual can apply for a job even if he/she does have a criminal record. However, an individual should be realistic about his/her eligibility.

There are some employment opportunities that an individual will not qualify for if he/she has a criminal record. For instance, he/she will not likely be hired for any Government position, particularly those that require security clearance and background checks. In addition, he/she will most likely not be employed as a teacher.

There are a number of steps that an individual can take to improve his/her employment opportunities. By obtaining further education and job training, an individual will show that he/she is dedicated to improving his/her life and establishing a better future for him/herself.

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