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Does Male Teen Prostitution Exist?

Male Teen Prostitution

A male prostitute is any person that engages in sexual acts or services in exchange for money. Like all prostitution, a male prostitute is considered to be a job that is against the law in the United States. However, one the main concerns in this particular type of prostitution is male teen prostitution. Though it is not as commonly known, it does occur, particularly in foreign countries.

Not much is known about male teen prostitution largely due to the fact that it is not as researched as other forms of prostitution. However, male teen prostitution may prove to occur in parts of the world where certain laws are not necessarily enforced.

In the United States, prostitution is allowed in certain parts of Nevada. However, because legislation requires a cervical exam, a male prostitute is, in essence, not allowed to engage in the practice. Therefore, male teen prostitution is also illegal and will also be considered to be a form of child sexual abuse if the teen male prostitute is under the age of 18. Therefore, the punishment levied by law can range from fines or imprisonment, though such forms of punishment will be more severe in the case of male teen prostitution.

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