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What are Terrorist Groups?

Terrorist Groups

What is a Terrorist Group?

A terrorist group is an organization that systematically uses terroristic tactics, driven by a political, environmental, or religious motivation to inflict mayhem on a society or functional organization. Under common law, there is no universally legally-binding definition of terrorism. Common definitions of terrorism constitute only violence which are delivered to create fear.

A terrorist group participates in violent and illegal as a means to achieve a religious, political, or ideological goal. Terrorist groups organize and deliberately target civilians to inflict chaos and fear on a given society. Terrorist groups are typically not affiliated with governing bodies and maintain sovereignty through their violent and malicious actions. The predominant characteristic associated with a terrorist group is that they use violence against noncombatants for the purpose of gaining publicity for the group or the individuals within the group. Terrorist groups use this publicity to spread their ideology and fear among a society.

The goal of a terrorist group, in general, is to disrupt the sanctity and harmony of a society through a direct and violent attack on the civilian base of the underlying community.

Types of Terrorist Groups

The following types of terrorist groups initiate a distinct form of terrorism:

Civil Disorder: These groups deliver a collective form of violence which interferes with the peace and security of a functioning community.

Political Terrorist Groups: These groups engage in violent criminal behavior designed to generate fear in a governing body or community. They are politically motivated.

Quasi Terrorist Groups: The main purpose of a quasi-terrorist organization is not meant to induce terror to the immediate victim. These groups, however, use the modalities and techniques of a traditional terrorist group to produce a similar consequence or public reaction. A common example is a group of felons who take hostages.

State Terrorism Groups: A form of terrorist group who rules an area through the delivery of fear and oppression. This is a form of structural terrorism, which is carried out by governing bodies in pursuit of distinct political objectives.

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