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Is There Any Sort of Prevention to Armed Robbery?


In order to prevent armed robbery, businesses should take specific precautions. The type of business will greatly affect the types or precautions necessary to protect employees from armed robbery. Almost all businesses should increase security in order to aid in robbery prevention.

The manner in which that security is increased will depend on factors such as budget, available measures and realistic expectations. For example, most businesses can not realistically have every possible entrance covered at all times by a security guard. However, most businesses can add video surveillance to all possible entrances in order to increase security and prevent armed robbery.

Generally, robbers look for easy targets and will avoid any business that has taken obvious precautions to increase security. Also, many times it is the things that criminals can’t see, such as hidden surveillance, that help law enforcement to capture suspects that are able to breach security.

For individuals that wish to prevent becoming a victim of armed robbery, there are many similar steps involved. Robbery prevention includes an increase in security, as well as an increased awareness of surroundings including any individuals that may be lurking about.

Banks often have some of the best security measures in place to help the business in efforts aimed at robbery prevention. Some banks employ double doors so that robbers become caught if they attempt to escape after committing a crime. In addition, many banks have armed security near all exits. Measures like that help business avoid being a target of criminals.

Effective robbery prevention is about deterring would-be criminals. When criminals can easily see security measures, they are likely to choose another business in order to complete their crime. The same principles that apply to a business also apply to an individual’s security.

It is vital that people stay aware of their surroundings. This is especially true when people are travelling or are in unfamiliar areas. Criminals often avoid targeting alert individuals as they tend to make good witnesses.

If preventative measures are not successful, victims should always comply with the demands of a robber, especially if they are in possession of a deadly weapon. After robbers leave, victims should do their best to remember as many details as possible.

In fact, they should try to get as much information as possible without being detected by the criminal. They should look at the criminal’s vehicle, personal description and any defining characteristic of weapons.

The most ideal scenario is that people and businesses increase security in a manner that helps in robbery prevention. Unfortunately, criminals utilize more sophisticated technology than in the past and are sometimes able to breach security.

If preventative measures do not work, victims should comply with demands in order to avoid being injured. In addition, they should keep all information fresh in their minds by replaying details in their head until law enforcement arrives.

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