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Controlled Substance: Must Know Facts

Controlled Substance

Controlled substances are those over which the Government has control. Controlled substances include illicit drugs, such as cocaine and marijuana. These drugs are illegal and are controlled by the Government, including prosecution for growing, distributing or using those substances. Controlled substances can include prescription medications which are regulated by the Government.

Illicit drugs, as a controlled substance, are regulated in the sense that there are laws against these substances. There are several classes of drugs and each drug includes different legal penalties. The manufacturing of controlled substances is often punished more harshly than the use of the same drugs. However, those found in possession of large quantities of a controlled substance, even when it is for personal use, would likely be charged with possession and intent to distribute.

Although prescription drugs are legal, there are some that are considered a controlled dangerous substance. These drugs must be used for their intended use and must be obtained with a legal prescription. Those who gain control of a controlled substance illegally, such as through a forged prescription, can face the same charges as those in possession of illicit drugs.

A controlled substance can encompass a variety of drugs. Whether they are illicit drugs or legal drugs, there can be legal implications for possessing those items. The only exception is for controlled substances that were obtained with a legal prescription and are being used for their intended use by the person to whom the medication was prescribed.

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