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Read Here for the Penalties For Stealing

Penalties For Stealing

If a person gets caught stealing, the penalties can vary. Stealing is a seen as a criminal act, and therefore depending on the circumstances, jail time can be given. Generally speaking, for first time offenders who steal something of minimal value, typically under $25, they will be asked to return the item(s) and not be allowed to reenter the store from which they stole.

If a person is caught stealing multiple times or higher priced items, punishment can include: community service, jail time, and/or fines. If a person is caught stealing from an individual’s private home, they may be subjected to the same punishments. If a person is caught stealing, they will typically be arrested and released on bail. Stealing is mostly seen as a juvenile act. However, these incidents often can escalate into robbery or thefts, which are much serious charges.

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