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Criminal Trespassing Overview

Criminal Trespassing

In the United States, criminal trespassing is regarded to be similar to unlawful entry. However, the difference between criminal trespassing and unlawful entry is that criminal trespassing is simply the act of entering another person's property without the proper authorization or permission. It does not involve the entering of property through the use of illegal means.

Oftentimes, this type of trespassing occurs without the individual actually having knowledge that he/she is committing the act of criminal trespassing. However, if the person remains on the property upon being made aware of the trespassing, it is considered to be criminal trespassing in the first degree.

The charges involved with criminal trespassing will vary. For example, first degree trespassing, which is the most serious, may involve up to one year in jail and a fine, though the actual penalties will vary from State to State.

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