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What is a Terrorist?
A terrorist is defined as any individual who engages in acts of terrorism. These acts, which are typically fueled by political or religious beliefs, are carried out through the use of violence. A terrorist is an individual who leads or follows an armed group of organized individuals to kill groups of civilians as a means of political or religious intimidation.

Terrorists aim at attacking the structure of a harmonic society through the use of violence, threats, or intimidation. Although their motives are typically fueled by a belief, their actions are typically heinous and accomplished without remorse. Terrorist groups have been known to murder civilians, explode airliners, ships, cars, and other vehicles, as well as engage in kidnapping.
Terrorist organizations will often use violence as a form of political intimidation to prove their point, no matter how disconnected it may be with the workings of society. Terrorists are held separate from murderers or other criminals who typically commit crimes based on a personal motive or belief. In contrast, a terrorist will initiate violence and inflict harm on a civilian population in the belief that they are working towards a higher power or greater aim. Although the majority of terrorists are classified as political or religious groups, other forms of terrorists, such as environmental terrorists, exist.
Although the definition for what constitutes a terrorist is somewhat muddled and will differentiate based on personal sentiment, the primary characteristic of a terrorist organization is the act of using aggressive and murderous means to achieve some sort of political, religious, or environmental goal.

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