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Are Prank Calls Illegal?

Prank Calls

Although the laws concerning prank calls vary from State to State, the nature of the prank call itself constitutes the severity of the charges, if there are any charges at all. The nature, as well as the frequency of the prank call(s), is used as a barometer in determining the ultimate penalty.

However, the act of using a telephone for fraudulent, harassing, or threatening means is an illegal act that can be punishable from fines to jail time.

The Nature of Prank Calls

· Within a majority of the United States, a prank call that takes place three or more times in a set duration of time is considered to be harassment.
· Prank Calls that threaten violence, harm, or damage to a person or property are considered threats, regardless of the intended nature of the call. Prank calls to Government offices and/or law enforcement agencies can be charged as felonies in many cases.

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