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Utilizing Computer Networks For Information Warfare

Utilizing Computer Networks Information Warfare

Information warfare is a strategic tactic that involves using data in a potentially harmful way. Many criminals commit information warfare as a means to: spread slander, disperse propaganda, vandalize web pages, cause network interference (otherwise known as a "denial of services attack" or "DoS Attack") either physically or by installing a virus, in order to exploit an individual or a particular situation, or just using someone's personal information in an unethical manner.

Many times, information warfare is put into action using televisions and radios as a tool to disseminate information and jam frequencies in order to complete information warfare.

Information warfare is directly connected to a type of computer crime known as cyber warfare. Cyber warfare has the same intention as information warfare due to the fact that it involves the spreading of classified information or distorting the truth in order to achieve political, social, economic gain, or as a way to perpetrate destructive behavior. However, cyber warfare is more directly connected with computer and/or Internet usage.

Many times, cyber warfare is brought on when someone, or a group of people, hack into a computer's system or there is a breach in security within the network. Criminal hackers will hack into an account to gather secured information in order to take part in information warfare via a computer's network or Internet (cyber warfare). The action may be against a person or company against whom the perpetrators may have a personal vendetta, or it might be implemented for political, social, or financial gain.

Cyber warfare can result in cases being brought to court. A great deal of these computer crimes even involve high ranking military officials or politicians. Recent reports conclude that over one hundred countries have considered using the Internet as a way to wage cyber warfare against their enemies. Many cyber warfare cases were reported during the summer of 2009. The attacks were initially considered to be coming from North Korea, but further investigation revealed that the attacks were actually carried out by someone from the United Kingdom.

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