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Types of Racism to be Aware of


What is Racism?

Racism is defined as the belief that the genetic factors of an individual which constitute race are a determinant of human capabilities and traits. This notion breeds the belief that racial differences produce an inherent and genetic superiority over a particular group of people.

Racism breeds contempt of a group of individuals based on their genetic differences, their cultural history, and the stereotypes or misconceptions attached. There are many forms of racism, but each maintains the same characteristics, which are enshrouded in hatred for a particular group based on ideological, cultural, and physical differences.

Types of Racism

There are four distinct classifications of racism:

Historical Racism: This form of racism is based on lineage and common decent. Historical racism identifies a population with a common origin in history, but not a population with a uniform biological character. Typically this form of racism is expressed through national symbols such as the Aryan Cross or Swastika. Historical racism creates a notion that a particular nation is superior to others.

Scientific Racism: This form of racism believes that all human beings can be characterized by race with certain physical traits. Brain size, sloping foreheads, muscle density, or facial structure falsely create a hierarchy of races. This form of racism states that biology determines intelligence and that some races need to civilize others.

Institutional Racism: Activities which intend to protect the advantages of a dominant group and maintain or widen an unequal position of a subordinate group. This form of racism creates structures in society that systematically discriminate against particular groups or religions.

New Racism: A form of racism that hides racist sub-text in culture. Creates new expressions, such as immigrants, cultural values, and integration to mask racist sentiments.

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