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Identity Theft Defined

Identity Theft

Identity theft is the situation that arises when an individual will assume another person's identity for the purpose of committing a crime. Typically speaking, victims of identity theft will usually be unaware that such a situation is occurring until after the criminal commits the crime.

Identity theft is most commonly associated with fraudulent activities, such as credit card fraud. Identity theft occurs when a criminal uses a person's personal and private information, such as driver's license or Social Security Number. With personal information such as this, a criminal can then apply to have new credit cards opened, obtain loans, and even apply for a mortgage.

In the meantime, all such charges and costs are being included in the victim's account, making him/her financial responsible for all the purchases. In many cases, identity theft can lead to the wrongful arrest of the victim due to the fact that all transactions are being done under his/her name.

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