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The Punishment of Attempting to Commit a Crime

Attempt To Commit A Crime

When individuals attempt to commit a crime, they can face criminal charges even if the crime is not successful. Even if an individual does not effectively commit a crime, he/she may face consequences of his/her attempt to commit a crime. This does depend upon the severity of a crime. For instance, attempted crimes that are frequently addressed with criminal charges include attempted murder or attempted robbery. An individual may not have been successful in killing his/her victim or robbing his/her target. Nevertheless, he/she had the intention to do so and initiated the crime. In instances such as these, an individual has proven that he/she is dangerous and likely to engage in criminal behavior. If convicted of an attempted crime, an individual can face extensive jail time, especially if the intended offense was severe. To convict an individual of an attempted crime, the prosecution must be able to prove that he/she had the intent to carry out the offense.

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